You've outgrown your current lifestyle and are ready to welcome in new opportunities, more abundance and a HELL YES attitude towards life:


You're at a turning point in your life, where everything can change. You can...

Continue making the same choices that have kept you in that stuffy cubicle or cringy relationship or... You can take a weight off your tense shoulders and receive the support, accountability, and trust in yourself that you've always doubted before. And no, it's not too good to be true.

Listen, I know what it's like to feel completely powerless, lost, and stuck in a rinse-and-repeat cycle you can't get out of.

 Picture Ava in her early twenties. Insecure, in an abusive relationship, in a job I couldn't stand, face covered in acne, an unhealthy weight...

I'd spend my nights drinking, if I was single, I'd be with someone who treated me like a piece of meat (and be okay with it just so I wasn't alone), I'd let anyone and everyone walk all over me just to be liked.

Worst of all, I had no idea what I wanted or how to find a new path in life. I didn't trust a single thought I had, my inner mean girl was in the driver's seat, and I was even misdiagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

I know you want to get clear on what it is that you want and how to actually have it.

Just like me, at a certain point, you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. You're over skipping workouts, eating a bag of salt and vinegar chips for dinner (hey, every once in awhile is okay), and putting your own self care on the back burner while you wait on everyone else in life.

You know you need to start doing things differently if you want different results...but the overwhelm is real when you think about where to start and most of the advice you hear online makes it even more overwhelming.


Drop the self doubt and mean girl dialogue, you are worthy of being a success story.

This might be eerily creepy, but it's likely you can resonate with following:

  • You feel like you've been stuck on repeat like an overplayed Cardi B song
  • Starting something new is way too overwhelming to think about, you hardly even have time to make yourself dinner!
  • You experience fear, anxiety or stress when you think about change and that fear keeps you from doing anything at all


or maybe, you've recognized that...

  • You continue to partake in activities that bring out the worst in you even when you say you'll never do it again.
  • Your job makes you feel exhausted by the end of the day and all you want to do is zone out on Bachelor In Paradise when you get home.
  • Your body feels constantly fatigued and unhealthy, but you have no motivation to go to the gym or roll out your yoga mat. 

If you said yes, take a deep breath in and out and recognize that this is your first big and meaningful step towards shifting your mindset, body, relationships and career.

All you need is someone to show you the map that has proven to transform my life and the lives of dozens of women.

Be Your Own Mentor

In 10 weeks, your Highest Self will be back in the driver's seat of your mind creating a life and career you love.

With me on your side, you'll learn the spiritual tools and mindset shifts I've developed on my journey and gathered from interviewing over 100 wellness leaders, healers and coaches. 

Get ready to...

  • Become a magnet to dream job opportunities and start expecting abundance in all areas of life (unexpected checks in mail? yes please!)
  • Open your iPhone, check your inbox, and feel confident in knowing what to say yes and no to
  • Be nominated as best partner, best friend and best damn version of you
  • Manifest your dream house, BMW, or micro-pig with an Instagram following (hey, to each their own!)
  • Feel infinitely supported, fulfilled and IN CHARGE of your life.

This is the experience you've been looking for that will massively change your life for good.

I'm equipping you with the ultimate toolbox of spiritual, personal, and career transformational tools that I've used in my own life, the lives of my mentees, and through my work interviewing the world's greatest teachers and leaders in personal development.

  • 10 Weekly Audio Lessons

Listen in your cubicle, while you nanny, while you're sitting in the car - you can download them and keep them for life.  

You'll gain clarity around what it is that you want, what has been making you feel stuck or blocked, how to manifest, and the tools that are unique to you on your journey as you up-level in your personal life. Then, we'll jump into career transformation and provide you with confidence around making a leap in your career, whether that means starting your own business, finding the confidence to ask for a promotion or simply finding a career that makes you feel alive and in alignment.

  • 2 Recorded Group Coaching Calls w/ Replay and Lifetime Access

Throughout the 10 weeks, you'll jump into an exclusive group coaching call with me and experience live mentorship that has historically only been reserved for private 1:1 clients. There will be group and 1:1 hot seats within these hour long calls so you can ask questions specific to your own goals and journey.

  • Community Support through private BYOM Facebook Group

The most powerful way to stay committed to your journey of personal and professional growth is through accountability and support. Upon signing up for the course, you will be invited to the private BYOM Facebook group where you will connect with other attendees and Ava before, during and after the course ends.

  • Journaling Workbook to accompany modules

Reading, writing, and listening is the most powerful way to create lasting shifts in your mind and your habits. Your journaling workbook will be there throughout your journey to help you gain clarity, uncover areas where you may be stuck or blocked, and keep track of all the magic and manifestations that you'll experience in our time together.

  • 10 Weekly Recorded Guided Meditations

Each week will be paired with a themed guided meditation that will support you in going even deeper into this practice of transformation. From visualization to manifestation and energetic upleveling, you'll find ease, release and fulfillment through this weekly practice and lifetime access to the meditatons.

  • Exclusive Discounts and Access To Online and In-Person Experiences Hosted by Ava + The Alchemized Life

When you're in - you're in for life. By signing up for BYOM, you will automatically be added to the Insider's list, where you'll receive exclusive discounts and access to online and in-person experiences, wellness products, and so much more.  


Life is about thriving...not surviving.

Module 1 - Re-Write Your Beliefs Learn the powerful tools for self inquiry, forgiveness and inner child work while you unravel what you've known to be true and replace those stories and beliefs with new empowering frames of thought. 

Module 2 - Unbreakable Confidence How do we awaken confidence that has been lost? Re-write the subconscious doubts and fears that have held you back from fully stepping into your power, feeling beautiful, and confident in your self image, relationships, and career. 

Module 3 - Conscious Relationships + LOVE Learn how to be intentional in relationships, attract your soulmate and drop the self-conscious tendencies that have prevented you from experiencing love.

Module 4 - Energetic Boundaries Develop clear boundaries with yourself and those around you. You'll learn how to protect your own energy, create distance from negative relationships and feel recharged from those around you rather than depleted.

Module 5 - Co-Create Magic With The Universe Manifestation becomes your best friend as you pull together your own spiritual toolbox that keeps your vibration high, attracting all that you desire. As you raise your vibration, you'll learn the tools to develop your intuition and co-create with the Universe. 

Module 6 - Know Your Professional Self As we move into career transformation, we'll dive deep into getting to know yourself as you relate to your purpose and mission here. You'll be guided through exercises that help you find the gifts of all your past experiences and cultivate an understanding of where you are going next. 

Module 7 - The Soul of Your Career Get behind what you are bringing into the world. Learn how to become an energetic match in your career (for money, clients, a raise or promotion), and what to do when fear comes up during times of transition.

Module 8 - Become Beyond Influential Develop conscious communication skills that will leave people eager to work with you and learn from you. You'll learn how and where to effectively share your gifts and influence those around you whether you are starting a new job or developing your own business.

Module 9 - Your Powerhouse Community Find your community and network like a boss while you create a circle of connections that will support you as you uplevel in your career. You'll become a master of email, opportunity and word of mouth.

Module 10 - Keep Showing Up The hardest part in achieving success is consistently showing up. As we wrap up the course, you'll learn how to hold yourself accountable, stay confident in life's ups and downs, and never take no for an answer.

Investing in yourself is betting on yourself to succeed.

You can go back to school, get your nails did (let it blow dry), pick up the new iPhone 11, hire a life coach for thousands of dollars...

OR you can bet on yourself this time to make the change you have been eager to have in your life with me by your side. I'm your hype girl, your cheerleader, and your number one support as you step into your power and bloom into your highest self.


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The success stories will make you want to go 100% ALL IN on you.

This work isn't just work that has changed my life, it has changed the lives of countless women I work with. Through Be Your Own Mentor, you'll have the exact information, practices, and coaching of my private clients at a fraction of the price.

"I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend in Ava! Working with her for almost a year now has given me the confidence to believe in myself as well as the practical tools i need to manifest my dreams. (And with Ava’s help, I’ve manifested almost everything I set my mind to this year!)

 Her wealth of knowledge around marketing is the icing on the top. Whether it be emails, social media, web design, she will empower you become the boss babe you’ve always wanted to be. Most importantly, Ava is one of those rare souls who wants to see you succeed and elevate into your highest expression of being." 

- Madeline Plucinska / @madeline_plucinska

"I worked with Ava for 4 months this spring and our time together so far exceeded my expectations. In this short time, she helped me create my own website and multiple offerings, she facilitated helpful connections, and instilled in me the confidence to keep going on my own. Our sessions felt less like “work” and more like hanging out with a fun and super supportive best friend. She is down to earth and always generous with her gifts and talents. It has been so comforting to have her in my corner. Even though our official mentorship program has ended, I know she’s always a quick message or call away! "

- Jessica Scott / @mindfulmedicinecollective

“This last year was life changing for me and surviving it with a clear and conscious mind owes huge credit to working with Ava. The tools and support I gained through her mentorship helped me make sense of my journey, process it in a healthy way, and exposed me to a whole new way of viewing life and what was happening for me :) I would highly recommend working or learning from Ava, in any capacity, if you’re ready to make some shifts in your life.”

- Stephanie H. / personal mentorship client

"When I met Ava almost a year ago, I never would have expected to be on the path of building the vision she's helped me realize. Her continued encouragement, support, and ability to help me challenge myself in ways that propel me toward my goals has been truly transformational.

Expanding my writing engagements, creating unique workshop experiences, and deepening my own personal practices have enabled me to step boldly into my purpose. With Ava by my side, I have no doubt I will only continue to grow, expand, and achieve my vision. So thankful to have her in my life!"

- Laura J Hanson / @laurajhanson

"Mentorship with Ava has given me two incredibly gifts. The first is RESULTS in getting focused on my goals and the support I needed to expand to my fullest potential to bring great value to the world! The second gift is a wonderful friendship that I will forever cherish!"  

- Kristi Kuttner / @sittinprettykristi

"I honestly cannot fully put into words what working with Ava has done for not only my business, but for my overall well-being. Throughout the four months we worked together I made drastic changes in the direction of my spiritual work as well as my confidence and self esteem. 

If you are thinking of working with Ava, seriously stop, and just jump on the opportunity as soon as possible! I went from no clear direction or confidence in my abilities, to creating the business I’ve been hoping for for years. I am forever grateful."

- Catherine J. / @catherine.jalia  

A Note From Me to You...

This note is for all the women out there that can feel it in their bones that a change is coming - that it needs to happen. It is within this time that the fear, the doubt, the "who I am to this?" comes up. I've experienced it throughout my entire life, and will experience is hundreds of times more. The truth is, the fear never really goes away, we just learn how to better respond to it. We learn to love ourselves and our journey far more than any fear and we pursue our dreams with excitement and fear as our compass to greatness.  

Be Your Own Mentor is my desire to provide you with the roadmap, the tools, the support and the community you never had. A sisterhood. A squad of cheerleaders rooting you on. I've been homeless, broke (and broken) and have gone through the darkness, all so I can be of service to you. The greatest teachers teach you how to be your own teacher and that is exactly what I plan to give to you. I cannot wait for this journey together.

With love and so much gratitude, Ava J.